Is Job Training the Answer?

We can all agree that people need jobs, and if there are no jobs then people will move away and go to areas where there are jobs. The result is that urban areas go to a great amount of trouble to encourage industries and companies to move into their metropolitan areas.

It is obviously to the good of a community to have jobs – it energizes the whole place and adds to the economic health of the entire urban structure. When people are working full time, they eat in the restaurants and they spend in the shops and there is a symbiotic effect.

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Another effect is that by osmosis and also by workforce training morehead ky the workforce becomes increasingly more sophisticated which in itself increases the attractiveness to external companies.

But there is a flip side to this. Huge companies like Google and Amazon from their very size have a buying power which has the potential to exceed the value it brings in.

Google literally shopped around for a metro area willing to give it a tax break when looking for a place for its new headquarters. Amazon and Google are both notorious for hiring temporary workers who don’t receive benefits and can be paid minimum wage. You have to ask what value a huge organization who only takes out and doesn’t put back is bringing to a community.

Let’s face it both of those companies make profits which can only be described as obscene. If ever there was a case for these paying more city taxes not less they seem to personify it.

We tend to forget that there’s no reason for these mega companies without the people who buy from them. Shouldn’t they make some profit-relative contribution to infrastructure?